Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Welcome to Prison

A little gem in New Jersey...
the Burlington County Historic Prison Museum. 

For 150 years this prison served with the goal of rehabilitation. 
Today, it is an oasis of history. 

Prison cell walls have drawings and calendars by inmates 
counting the days to freedom. 

The old doors and peeling paint give it an abandoned feel, 
much like the bigger Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia. 

And if you are into the paranormal. 
there is supposed to be a lot of activity here. 
I didn't sense anything, 
but I am not into that either. 

It really is amazing to see what people might have done to end up spending time here. 

If your child was incorrigible, 
they could end up with 7 days! 
Imagine that today. 

My gallery of photos from this set is here

128 High St, Mt Holly, NJ 08060


MadSnapper said...

the whole set is AMAZING! every single photo is beautiful, my favorites are the macro bokeh shots of all the hinges and metal and wood doors.. I see one man had a bed, the other a pallet on the floor and if they put people in jail for fornication now. they would need a lot more jails... I can't imagine the horror of being in this place, hot in summer, freezing in winter...

Tamar SB said...

Oh wow!! How amazing is that! Love the shots you took.

Sarah Huizenga said...

Love this place! All that peeling paint and history - too perfect!!