Sunday, October 28, 2018

The Rejuvenation of the Navy Yard in Philadelphia

It was originally called 
The Philadelphia Naval Ship Yard 
and was once a busy hub of ship making. 

Foreground And Background

Now the ships there are all "Moth-balled" 
with uncertain futures. 


Thankfully for Philadelphia, 
who is the current owner of The Navy Yard, 
the yard is undergoing rejuvenation. 

Blowing in the Wind

The navy still uses buildings there, 
but they have been joined by 
Tasty Baking Company 
Urban Outfitters 
and others 
creating an industrial park. 

Construction Scaffold

Just a few years ago, 
most buildings looked abandoned, 
today most have been renovated 
and are inhabited by businesses. 

Waiting for Future Inhabitants 

The 20 acre yard has kept its historic feel 
making it a nice place for 
walking along a mile stretch of the river front, 
visiting one of the parks
or stopping for lunch. 


As much as I like seeing this success story, 
I will miss some of the old abandoned looking places 
once everything has been renovated. 

Wait Your Turn

I recently posted about the fun 
'Sea Monsters HERE' 
art installation at the yard. 

If you go...
The self guided walking tour takes about 1 hour. 
The yard is bike friendly. 

The Philadelphia Navy Yard 
4701 Intrepid Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19112

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Tamar SB said...

This makes me so happy! It used to be a place to just drive by!

MadSnapper said...

I am with you, happy they are preserving but I looked through all 171 of your photos and the best of all is the rusty, old, dilapidated and broken glass. all of the ship photos have a mystical look that I love. The first photo on this post is perfect, so glad you found a way to frame the tallest part with the ships in the background. love it

Alicia said...

What great history and so happy to see that it is being renovated and used again. Even though you will miss those old buildings, it's nice to see life there again! Great post!

Sarah Huizenga said...

That is exactly how I feel about the Asylum up in Traverse City. While I am glad that the buildings are being restored, I will miss the creepiness of the unrestored. Thankfully it is still a few years away before everything is done.