Wednesday, October 16, 2019

RumBunny Rum

Nittany.  I miss him. 

One sad day,
the day my son graduated from Penn State, 
my little pom passed away. 

My son and me at the Nittany Lion at State College. 

Ironic because his name was Nittany, 
after the Penn State mascot, 
the Nittany Lion.

One thing led to another...
and one spontaneous day, 
I bought a bunny. 

(Yes, I should have adopted. 
I had no idea how many adoptable bunnies there were. 
Lesson learned.)

I named him RumBunny.
I litter box trained him and
he lives in the house with us. 
He is VERY sweet 
and soft 
and cuddly. 

RumBunny has his own instagram account. 
At least when I have time to update it for him. 
You can find him at 

Don't have worries
his online photo album is here

I'll tell you his story soon. 

(Yes, I hope to resurrect this blog.) 


Tamar SB said...

So sorry for your loss!

Tanza Erlambang said...

cute dog....sorry for your loss

MadSnapper said...

Rumbunny is adorable, can't decide which I like best, the tail or the nose. love all the photos of him.. I told a friend who is not allowed to have cats or dogs in a condo she OWNS, to get a rabbit. that way she is not breaking any rules. I am so sorry your precious pup has gone over the rainbow. my heart aches for your aching heart.