Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Suburban Girl's 10 Things to Do in Padua (Padova), Italy

Or as it is known in Italy, Padova, 
is an easy 25 minute bus ride from Venice. 

Via Umberto, Padua, Italy

It is worth the trip, 
Especially when Venice is overrun with tourists. 

Padua, Italy

Padua is one of those off-the-beaten-path 
yet much to discover kind of towns. 
I love those kind of places.

Padua, Italy

Padua offers  
arcaded streets, 
a university, 
a huge market, 
outdoor cafes', 
remains of the old town wall, 
charming architecture, 
lots of history, 
and a wonderful climate
all packaged up with delicious wine and food.

14 Pigeons Under The Bridge
Prato della Valle

So what's not to love about Padua? 
Really, nothing. 

Canal Off Of Via Umberto/Via Roma
We visited Padua in September
and stayed at
B and B San Marco 
Hotel Fagiano
both just a short block from 
St. Anthony's Basilica. 
But of the two, we preferred B and B San Marco.
Both locations are not too far from the 
great people watching spot of 
Prato della Valle.

Prato della Valle

You absolutely must visit the market 
which has an outdoor and indoor section and 
fills two squares.
(Piazza dell’Erbe and Piazza dei Frutti) 
Closed Sundays

Outdoor Market, Piazza dell’Erbe

At the market enjoy a spritz with some Tramezzini (sandwiches). 
Then climb up the steps to view the arches of the Ragione Palace. 

Ragione Palace

There is a small fee 
unless there is an art show inside, 
then the fee is higher.  
From above you can look down 
and take in the market business below. 

Arches All Around in Black and White
Ragione Palace
After our stay in Padua, we headed off to Ravenna,  
but there are lots more picture of Padua here

The Town Wall
Part of the City Wall Along the Canal

Some of the highlights of Padua are 
(in no particular order)

A walk along a canal or river 

Visit the Padua Duomo

People watch at the Prato
3 Italian Moms

Have a drink at the historic Cafe Pedrocchi 

View the frescoes at the Scrovegni Chapel €

and the Church of the Eremitani

Visit the Anatomy Theater €
at Palazzo Bo 
(but confirm availability first.) 
Anatomical Studies

Visit St. Anthony's Basilica (modest dress required) 

Eat at the outdoor market
photo above

Visit the Ragione Palace € 
photo above

Visit the Botanical Garden € 
Closed when we tried to visit. 

For great pizza and wine, the Pago Pago 

Delicious dinners at 
Trattoria al Prato 
Corte dei Leoni

Bed and Breakfast San Marco 

Travel Tip
If you take the bus from Venice, 
turn to the left from the bus door, 
walk to the train station. 
Get a tram ticket 
in a booth in front of the station. 
Beyond the ticket booth, 
are the tram stops -
one on each side of the street. 
Validate your ticket on the tram. 
If you go in the wrong direction,  (we did)
your ticket is still good, 
just get off and get the next tram in the correct direction. 

To get to the City Center, The Prato, 
and places mention in this post, 
you need to cross the street for the stop. 

We exited at the Livio stop and walked 
to BB San Marco. 


Sarah Huizenga said...

All that great architecture. I could spend a week just there. I loved the market, so impressive.

MadSnapper said...

I am thinking your photographer senses must be on total overload. wow and wow over and over, so much beauty... you are living It's a Wonderful Life! I wish I had a dollar for every photo you have taken while over there. I bet I could buy a new computer with no problem and maybe a camera also

Tamar SB said...

What a great little town to explore!