Sunday, November 17, 2019

The Scrovegni Chapel: A Top Attraction in Padua

One of Padua's top tourist attractions, 
if not the top tourist attraction, 
is the Scrovegni Chapel. 

The chapel was commissioned by Enrico Scrovegni in 1303
but is now a museum open to the public 
to view the vibrantly colored frescoes of Giotto. 

Scrovegni Chapel

To tour the chapel, 
you need to purchase tickets 
and you must arrive on time.

Scrovegni Chapel

You will enter a decompression area first 
where you will spend 15 minutes 
allowing the stabilization of the interior microclimate
during which time you will be watching an informational film. 

Scrovegni Chapel

Then you will get exactly 15 minutes in the chapel. 
I read a good suggestion for those 
who wish a longer time to view the frescoes 
is to purchase two back-to-back tickets. 
That would give you 30 minutes in the chapel. 

Scrovegni Chapel

The frescoes are a masterpiece of storytelling so  
take time to notice the intricate details. 
If you do not have a tour guide, 
read a bit about the frescoes in advance 
and you will have a greater appreciation 
of the work and juxtapositions. 

Scrovegni Chapel

Be sure to look for the frescoes depicting 
Vices and Virtues, 
the Life of Mary
the Life of Christ, 
the Last Judgement, 
and the Annunciation. 

Scrovegni Chapel

Sometimes the chapel is referred to as the Arena Chapel
 because of its location 
on what was once a Roman arena. 
Don't let that confuse you, 
they are one in the same. 

Scrovegni Chapel

More images from the chapel are here
The chapel website is here
More of my information about visiting Padua is here

Once you are at the chapel, 
take a stroll through the nearby Church of the Eremitani 

Church of the Eremitani

Once bombed in WW2 for its unlucky location 
next to a German command center, 
it has been rebuilt 
and some frescoes remain. 

There are additional photos of 
the Church of the Eremitani here. 


Tamar SB said...

That paint work, wow!!

MadSnapper said...

WOW! and again! my favorite is the next to the last one, it says kardsas I think over her head... my least favorite is the one with all the naked people, I assume that is hell since he is eating people, .