Saturday, November 21, 2020

A Visit to Historic Boyertown, Pennsylvania


Welcome to Pennsylvania's 'Americana Region' 
which in part includes Boyertown, Berks County. 

When I think of Boyertown, 
I think of the Colebrookdale Railroad, 
historic structures, 
and bears. 


The railroad was created for the iron ore industry 
at about the time of the US Civil War. 
Today it serves as a tourist railroad. 


I love the neat architecture throughout Main Street. 
You can do an audio walking tour 
with this QR code. 


I previously visited 
the Boyertown Museum of Historic Vehicles 
which was fun and interesting. 


While in town 
be sure to stop in Taylor Backes - 
you may even get to see glassblowing in progress. 


I don't think that there is 
much else to do in Boyertown, 
but you can certainly extend 
your trip into other nearby communities.


Oh, about the bears, 
I didn't mean real ones. 
I meant painted ones 
that sit throughout the town. 
You can see 2 in the photo below. 

Boyertown is safe enough 
considering that most crime here is property related. 
So remember to lock up! 

You can view all the images from this trip here. 

I've greatly reduced my social media presence 
after watching The Social Dilemma. 
Highly recommended.

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Tamar SB said...

What a gorgeous town! Love that they have a QR audio tour!