Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Wild Tornados in Pennsylvania

I never thought we'd have a tornado here in Pennsylvania. 

Hurricanes yes, 
tornados no. 

I was wrong
Fort Washington, Maple Glen and Horsham
were hit with an EF2 tornado.
We had wind up to 135mph.

Lickity split we went from 
a shady yard to a sunny yard.
I can now see the sunrise on the horizon
from my bedroom window. 

Thankfully we were ok
huddling in the basement. 
We lost 8 trees and the house received minor damage, 
except the hole in the roof. 
Is that minor? 
At least we have a roof! 
It feels minor. 

The morning of, meteorologists were discussing 
the likelihood of tornados in the afternoon. 
So we had warning. 

Our nephew who also studied meteorology 
called and let us know he was watching the weather 
and we had about 5 minutes to find shelter.

We went to the basement. 
My husband found it hard to stay there 
with the banging and crashing going on. 
I had no problem staying there. 
I only experienced pressure changes in my ears. 

After our nephew gave us the all clear 
we surveyed the damage. 

89 homes last we heard have been condemned. 
That's sad. 

Sadly we lost one resident when a tree fell on the house. 
Don't shut off your weather warnings on your phone. 
They are annoying but could save your life. 


MadSnapper said...

so sorry to see and hear about the damage and your neighbors. we saw a lot on tv and bob's family did not get as much damage as you. i am thankful your family is safe,

Tamar SB said...

Oh my goodness!! So sorry you have to face this.

Unknown said...

So sorry for your loss but be glad it was only structure damage.