Monday, May 29, 2023

Discovering Ramshackle Homes and Cobbled Passageways of Anafiotika, Athens, Greece

The best little spot to wander around in Athens 
is found perched on the northern side of the Acropolis:


"Little Anafio" is a collection of ramshackle homes 
built in the 1800s by people from the Anafi Islands.
They came as tradesmen to help rebuild Athens.
Their small homes are separated by tiny cobbled passageways. 

At one time this neighborhood was larger 
than the 45 or so remaining structures.
The archeological excavations around the Acropolis 
claimed a number of these homes.

You can find Anafiotika from 
Stratonos Street or Prytaneiou Street.
Take any of the steps or alleys that head uphill
and you'll find this tranquil neighborhood
waiting to be explored. 

After our explorations, we stopped for dinner at Yiasemi (3*)
along the pedestrian steps of Mnisikleous Street 
where the hosts somewhat aggressively hawk for your business.

 Next we checked out the shops 
along Stratonos Street.
How cute are those ceramic doors and windows 
modeled after Anafiotika?

The pottery added an exuberance of color 
and the gelati a scrumptiousness of flavor. 

If you get to Athens, 
be sure to visit Anafiotika - 
but be respectful, 
as you are right up close and personal 
with the people who live there. 


MadSnapper said...

I wish i could visit this, the windows, the doors and the pathways between houses. so beautiful. I would be proud to hang a few of those ceramic doors in my kitchen. they are wonderful... thanks for sharing

jabblog said...

It looks very quaint. I don't envy the people living there and having nosy tourists peering in, but perhaps, hopefully, they are in the minority.