Sunday, June 4, 2023

Marveling at the Ancient Agora in Athens

The Parthenon sits on top the hill.

The ruins of the Ancient Agora in Athens 
sits in the shadow of its newer neighbor, the Parthenon.

The Agora dates to the Archaic, Greco-Roman and Byzantine times
and was a public space where Athenians 
would go to market, do business, and celebrate religious festivals. 

Stoa of Attalos

Since 1931 this site has been undergoing excavations, 
preservation, and in the case of the Stoa of Attalos--
rebuilt from the ground up based on its ancient appearance. 
(The inside is a small museum.)

A Byzantine era Church of the Holy Apostles

Wandering around the Agora 
you'll see the ruins of many structures, 
but it is easy to imagine busy Athenians
going about their day to day life here. 

An original Corinthian column capital. 

We marveled at the architectural remains 
and the size of the stones hoisted into the air 
without modern day equipment. 

Temple of Hephaestus from the Stoa

The preserved classical Temple of Hephaestus 
is the only ancient building still standing. 

Map of ancient agorà
Davide Mauro, CC BY-SA 4.0

You are walking where such greats as 
Sophocles, Socrates, Protagoras,
and the apostle Paul walked before you. 

We spent about 2 hours here 
in the morning (beat the heat)
and then explored more of Athens. 

24 Adrianou, Athens
Αρχαία Αγορά Αθηνών, Αδριανού 24
10€ In season, 5 Off season as of 2023
also available on a city pass unified ticket. 

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