Friday, July 14, 2023

Exciting Train Ride Through the Scenic Vouraikos Gorge on the “Odontotos” Rack Railway

When most people think of vacationing in Greece, 
they think of the islands.
But there is so much more to see - 
so let's head southwest from Delphi.

On a drizzly day we are off to the Peloponnese.
A relatively new bridge in Greece crosses
the Gulf of Corinth to the Peloponnese - the Rio–Antirrio Bridge.

Biggest lemons ever! 

 In Diakopto we meet a narrow gauge train that chugs us through the scenic Vouraikos Gorge. 
If you have a car you can drive through the gorge 
via the Diakofto-Kalavryta Road.
Driving gives you the opportunity to stop at scenic spots
which the train whisks you by, 
it also enables better visibility. 
There are also hiking trails to enjoy and get you up close to the scenery.

Don't worry if you can't do the train, 
hiking or driving is a better option in my book. 

Did I say, "narrow?"

The scenery is beautiful despite the drizzle.

From the train we travel on to
an oasis hidden among the trees with the fresh spring water 
and the Rigogiannis Taverna and Fish Farm 

A first for me, we were served the whole fish. 

Filleting was easy-peasy.

We enjoy a tasty lunch of trout and other Greek specialties at Kalavrita Fish Farm in Planitaro, 
unlike the arid seaside, here we find fresh springs and lush vegetation.

My Traveling Buddy

After lunch, we welcome time to experience the refreshing coolness under the trees with the gurgling springs that feed the Aroanios River.

The trees here create a haunting effect 
which I tried to accentuate in post processing. 

From here we travel to charming Lagkada 
where we will spend the night. 

Odontotos rack railway map

Insider's Tip
When possible, sit behind the engineer for best views.
Or sit on a seat where the door opens 
and you get a larger window view.
Seats are numbered though. 

Book your tickets in advance.
19.00euro return

From Diakopto

09:52 - Daily
12:17 - Daily
15:07 - Daily
From Kalavrita
11:04 -Dail13:37 - Daily
Station Diakofto +302691 043206
Station Kalavrita +302692 022245

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