Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Lagadia An Off-the-Beaten-Path Traditional Mountainside Village in Greece

The Peloponnese Mountains in Greece

Do you love the mountains?
 Did you know Greece is 80% mountains?
Everyone thinks Greece is islands, 
and it is. 
But it is also mountains! 

You get a workout in a mountain village! 

The traditional village of Lagadia (spellings vary)
is situated on the side of a mountain 
in the Peloponnese, 
a little over and hours ride east of Olympia.

One main street divides upper and lower parts of the village. 

Considered a masterpiece of stone, Lagadia
was built by stone craftsmen centuries ago and
many of their descendants still own the homes, 
but do not live in them.
The owners have moved on, but send funds for upkeep.
This gives the village a rather abandoned feel. 

The 70% incline requires terraced cemeteries. 
And check out all that stonework! 

With only 600 residents,
the draw to Lagadia is it's off the beaten path vibe
offering both resort and dining options. 

Traditional Greek Dance

If you're in the Peloponnese and need a place to spend a night, 
Lagkadia is a peaceful option. 

This cat escorted us for our entire walk through town. 

If you have time to explore, check out 
Church of Taxiarches
House of Deligiannis
The Gymnasium
Holy Apostles Church

If you enjoy hiking 
be sure to trek along the Menalon Trail 
as Lagadia is an ending/beginning point of the trail.

The Full Menalon Trail

from Stemnitsa to Lakadia
Length 75.2 km
Altitude 420 – 1550 m

In ancient times, 
the road to the Olympics passed through Lagadia. 
Olympia is a little over 1 hour west by car.

While there isn't a lot to do here, 
it is a refreshing stop 
and worth it if you are in the Peloponnese. 

To stay overnight.

Lamb entree at Maniatis

Our room at Maniatis


jabblog said...

That is certainly an interesting village. Not a place to rush to or from . . .

likeschocolate said...

What a lovely village. I think we often overlook going off the beaten path and choose the well-known tourist areas, but this village, the hotel, and the food look divine. Thanks for sharing!