Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Remembering 'A Great Store in a Great City': Lit Brothers

"A Great Store in a Great City." 

The Lit Brothers were Samuel and Jacob 
and somehow they seem to get all the credit 
for a clothing store actually started by their sister, 
Rachel P. Lit Weddel Arnold 

Rachel started a woman's clothing store in 1891. 
But the brothers do deserve some credit 
because their vision helped her little corner shop 
become one of the largest retail stores in Philadelphia. 

As her store grew, 
the surrounding buildings were somehow 
cobbled together to create the structure of today. 
The building is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. 

Rachel differentiated herself from the competition 
by trimming hats purchased in her shop at no charge. 
I love that the signage remains, mostly. 


And ghost signs still remain in the city 
but the store is long gone. 
The Lit Brothers chain of stores closed in 1977.

The building sat vacant for nearly a decade 
until it was purchased and repurposed into 
the office and commercial spaces of today. 

Lit Brothers, 1898: “Lit Brothers, Millinery, Cloaks” | Photo: Free Library of Philadelphia Historical Images of Philadelphia Collection

Thankfully the beautiful facade remains, 
except for the hideous (imo) 
large video billboards attached to the roof today 
which are a total misfit with the historic architecture. 
Yuck, I can't even bring myself to post a photo of it. 

The Lit Brothers Building is located at 
8th & Market Streets in Center City, Philadelphia. 

Philadelphia is located in the SE corner of Pennsylvania. 

Monday, September 10, 2018

Leave Your Car Behind, Mackinac Island, Michigan

all day and most of the night. 
600 horses make deliveries of goods and people 
throughout Mackinac Island, Michigan. 
(Pronounced Mackinaw) 

There are no cars on this island. 
No delivery trucks either. 
It is very peaceful, 
except for clip-clop-clip-clop. 
No fumes of automobiles here, 
but you can imagine the other fumes. 
I'm not sure which is worse. 

Arch Rock: The photo every tourist takes.

The island is surrounded by Lake Huron 
and has 8 miles of coastline. 

Tourist activity centers around Main Street 
and most of the rest of the island is a state park. 

Main Street

The average tourist rents a bike to get around, 
and a bike is really the most you will need. 
Walking can get you to all the Main Street attractions.

Even your first responders ride bikes! 
(Well, there is a hidden ambulance just in case.)

There is not a heck of a lot to do on the island: 
Sight Seeing 
Fort Mackinac
You get the idea.

Standing Guard: Re enactors at Fort Mackinac

There is also not a heck of a lot of time to visit the island. 
that's about it. 
Winter here sounds crazy cold. 
The only access might be to drive across the frozen lake. 

Devil's Kitchen

If you go to Mackinac Island ... 

Tie your trip in with touring the natural beauty of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  
One night and two days is probably all you'll need on the island. 
The only access is by one of the 3 Ferry lines - all offer free parking for your car.  
Ferries run about every 1/2 hour in the summer.  
Ferries will tag your luggage with your hotel 
and it will arrive there for you. 
If you cross the Mackinac Bridge there is a $4 toll each way (2018), 
it is worth it just to see this 5 mile long bridge! 
Lodging on the island is all privately owned inns. 
The only chain store I saw was a Starbucks. 

Mackinac Bridge, $8 Round Trip
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Thursday, August 30, 2018

Oh, The Color of the Water...

...And a beautiful bridge. 

When the sun shines on Lakes Huron and Michigan 
the water turns gorgeous shades of blue. 

And since blue is my favorite color 
it is hard not to be smitten. 

These two gorgeous lakes meet each other under the Mackinac Bridge. 
Lake Michigan to the west and Lake Huron to the east. 


If you have heard Michigan's tourism slogan 'Pure Michigan' 
then these lakes define that slogan. 
Pure and gorgeous. 
I could gaze at the water for hours. 

And yes, I did pay $8 just to cross the bridge - 
Five miles of pure suspended beauty. 

Likely this was my only trip to this area, 
the photos will have to be the subject of my gazing now. 

Above: The US State of Michigan 
with the Mackinac Bridge location in red. 

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