Sunday, July 23, 2017

Let Us Eat Cake!

I am sharing this post first posted on Haegele's Bakery Website and written by Cheryl Haegele

Karina is my grand baby and if you would like to see more of her photos 
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As the bakery turned 87 this July,  the extended Haegele family celebrated another milestone birthday. Little Karina Rose pictured above, celebrated her 1st birthday with her first taste of cake. Ah yes, vanilla layer smothered with Haegele's buttercream frosting. Oh what joy life can bring, especially when a fork is not required. Last year when we celebrated the bakery's 86th with Birthday Cake & Bob Kelly from Fox29, Karina hadn't graced the world with her smile yet. She was yet a bump within mom's belly. Bob referred to her as "the bun in the oven". When she was born, he actually put her picture up on the big screen as he was doing the morning traffic report live in the studio. From the very beginning, the world has been her stage and she is indeed a captivating star!

Every moment she priceless and proof positive that the best things are worth waiting for! By genealogy, Karina is actually our cousin twice removed but she'll call us "Uncle & Aunt". Perhaps the greatest realization is that she is the great-great-granddaughter to Mrs. Haegele (1st generation). As I watched Karina eat her cake with a crowd of forty on-lookers, I couldn't help but think how her great-great grandmother lived for days and moments like this.'s all about the togetherness of family. And there's nothing like a smile that melts your heart and a first birthday celebration that brings a family together!

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Friday, June 30, 2017

Separation Day

Historic Homes in New Castle, Delaware
Did you know the British colonies were preceded in declaring their independence from Britain? 

The Old Library
The Old Library, New Castle, Delaware

I had no idea until I visited Old New Castle, Delaware on Separation Day, June 15 when
the town of Old New Castle was making big preparations for celebrating their independence. 

Immanuel Episcopal Church, New Castle, Delaware

At one time the three counties of Delaware belonged to Pennsylvania.
I'm guessing that is something you only learn in Delaware.  

New Castle Pier, Delaware

On June 15, 1776 Delaware simultaneously declared independence from 
Britain AND Pennsylvania and became their own colony state. 

New Castle Courthouse from the Common

They beat the rest of the colonies by a few weeks 
so they celebrate Independence Day on June 15 and July 4.
Lucky folks.  

Amstel House. New Castle, DE

New Castle is a great day trip, 
it is full of history and beautiful old homes. 
When I planned our trip, my husband and I had no idea it coincided with Separation Day 
or we would have allowed ourselves more time there. 

New Castle, DE 

For more of my images of Old New Castle, click here. 

Happy Independence Day! 

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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

A Patch Town in Pennsylvania

I visited a coal patch town recently. 
And until then, I had no idea what a patch town was. 
It's a company owned town - in this case owned by a coal mining company.

Patch Town Chimneys at Eckley Miners' Village

In the 1900s Pennsylvania had more patch towns than any other state in the country. 
That's a piece of history I never knew. 

St James Episcopal Church, 1858 in Eckley Miners' Village

The company provided the miners and their families 
with housing and medical care 
as well as 
a school, churches and a company store. 

This company store was rebuilt for use in the movie The Molly Maquires, 1970.

Here's the catch- At the company store where the miners were obligated to make their purchases, 
the prices were ~15% higher than at non patch town stores. 

The Coal Breaker, also rebuilt for the movie, would have been 3 x larger than this. 

While the town today is beautiful with
green grass and blue skies, 
it is hard to imagine the darkness the would have enveloped it
during times of operation. 

Coal Storage

This town, Eckley Miners' Village, 
operated as recently as 1984. 
Some of the guides are descendants of the coal working families
who lived in this village. 

Making Lace

Now I need to go pick up The Mollie Maguires movie 
from the library which was filmed in this town. 

2 Eckley Backroad 
Weatherly, PA 18255 

If you would like to see more of my images 
from the village, click here

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Friday, June 23, 2017

A Little Switcher-roo at the Farm

Terhune Farm Store, Mercer County, New Jersey

Who doesn't love a visit to a farm. 
You know, farm fresh local food right? 

Path to Pick Your Own Blueberries

You can even pick your own, 
but I find it puzzling that it costs the same to buy them ready picked in the farm store. 
Why invest the time and energy then? 

Blueberries in Terhune Farm Store

And I find it even more puzzling to see this happening: 
Crates of pints of blueberries from....
another farm. 
(That's not the puzzling part yet.) 

Blueberries from Whalen Farm in the Terhune Farm Store packing room.

Those pints being opened and 2 pints dumped into a new quart container. 
(That's not the puzzling part yet.
2 pints does equal a quart after all) 

Repacking Whalen Farm Blueberries

And then here they are ready to go out in the farm store 
looking (to the unknowing consumer)
like freshly picked blueberries from Terhune Orchards. 
When really they are blueberries from Whalen Farms 
just repackaged. 

It left me with an uneasy feeling - 
like I was witnessing plagiarism or something. 
(And think of all those wasted containers.) 

What do you think about this?  
Sneaky or not? 

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