Monday, May 14, 2018

Suburban Girl: Oh Happy Day at Welkinweir

It was beautiful weather...a San Diego style day. 
It was National Public Gardens Day. 
It was spent with a Photo Friend. 
It was a day just for fun. 


We went to Welkinweir in Chester County, Pennsylvania. 

It was my first visit to Welkinweir...
and I am so glad I went there. 

The gardens are gorgeous this time of year  
and the birds are plentiful. 
(But I didn't take a lens for birds.) 

Welkinweir boasts 197 acres
of which there is a 55 acre arboretum 
and a beautiful old stone house. 

And thanks to my allergy shots...
I only sneezed once the WHOLE day. 
And I don't take allergy meds anymore. 
How awesome is that? 
I can finally enjoy spring. 

If you find yourself in the Chester/Berks/Montgomery county area...
stop in. 

It is worth the view. 

Welkinweir is located at 

1368 Prizer Road, Pottstown, PA 19465

How cute is that stone wall? 
I want one of those too. 

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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Breakfast Time in Midland, Michigan

Back home in Southeastern Pennsylvania, 
squirrels are grey.  
Grey and only grey. 

I'm a chipmunk not a squirrel.

But here in Michigan, 
squirrels are grey, black, orange 
and any combination of those three colors. 

I found the variety of colors interesting enough 
to spend an hour on a squirrel hunt. 

At first I found none...
but persistence paid off. 

I found a plethora of squirrels (and one chipmunk) having their breakfast. 

And their coloring fascinated me. 

They are so much cuter in color 
than our grey variety. 

Especially that two-toned looked the squirrel above has going 
and the masked bandit below. 

What color are your squirrels? 

For more images from this Midland MI gallery 

Midland, Michigan, USA

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Finding Spring

Spring has been slow in coming to Pennsylvania this year - 
but somehow we managed to have 3 days in a row of it! 

And to top it off 
I haven't been sneezing and sniffling. 
(Knocking on wood.) 

I stood right under these flowering trees 
without an allergic symptom. 

It looks like the magic of allergy shots has paid off. 
I can finally love spring.