Thursday, November 8, 2018

A Pagoda Far From Japan

Perched above the city of Reading in Pennsylvania 
you'll find some Japanese architecture in an unlikely place. 

This pagoda was  built in 1908 and intended for use
as a hotel and restaurant. 

I'm not sure what would draw people to a hotel here  
and maybe that is why it was abandoned. 

Today it is owned by the city of Reading 
and part of the surrounding park.

You can view the city below from the Pagoda parking lot. 
There are also hiking trails in the park around the Pagoda. 
If you visit on the weekend, 
you can go inside to a cafe and gift shop. 

The Pagoda is located at
98 Duryea Dr, Reading, PA 19602

Saturday, November 3, 2018

A Sea of Red

Crisp Air 
Autumn Leaves 
Scarlett Cranberries! 

The New Jersey Pinelands 
shares its bounty with the world. 

It's time to harvest cranberries. 

Rather than pick each berry individually, 
a method of wet harvesting was created. 

The bog is flooded with water and the cranberries float 
to the surface for collecting. 

Vintage Cranberry Crates

They are shipped to an Ocean Spray site 
where they are prepared for sale 
ready for your fall recipes. 

Did you know Ocean Spray is owned by the cranberry farmers themselves? 

Here's a yummy recipe we made last year with cranberries. 
The tartness disappears during cooking. 

Sunday, October 28, 2018

The Rejuvenation of the Navy Yard

It was originally called 
The Philadelphia Naval Ship Yard 
and was once a busy hub of ship making. 

Foreground And Background

Now the ships there are all "Moth-balled" 
with uncertain futures. 


Thankfully for Philadelphia, 
who is the current owner of The Navy Yard, 
the yard is undergoing rejuvenation. 

Blowing in the Wind

The navy still uses buildings there, 
but they have been joined by 
Tasty Baking Company 
Urban Outfitters 
and others 
creating an industrial park. 

Construction Scaffold

Just a few years ago, 
most buildings looked abandoned, 
today most have been renovated 
and are inhabited by businesses. 

Waiting for Future Inhabitants 

The yard has kept its historic feel 
making it a nice place for 
walking along the river
or stopping for lunch. 


As much as I like seeing this success story, 
I will miss some of the old abandoned looking places 
once everything has been renovated. 

Wait Your Turn

I recently posted about the fun 
Sea Monsters HERE 
art installation going on here. 

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The Philadelphia Navy Yard 
4701 Intrepid Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19112