Thursday, March 22, 2018

Number 4

Number 4. 
That is winter storm Number 4. 
Technically what we call a nor'easter
(A storm or wind blowing from the northeast, especially in New England)
The month of March has brought us 4 
back-to-back nor'easters. 

My #3 came home for spring break during Storm #1. 

The funny thing is 
Number 4 arrived on the first day or spring. 
It shut down schools and businesses for two days. 
It sure didn't look like spring! 

At least Number 4 wasn't as bad as Number 1 
which left hundreds of thousands in the area without power...
some didn't have power back before Number 2 hit. 

There is evidence that spring is trying to arrive.  
Winter and spring are battling it out. 

In the meantime 
the sights sure are pretty. 
And I do remember opening my car's sunroof in February. 
What a crazy winter this has been. 

I am so ready for winter to be over. 
I stopped at the garden center today 
and bought garden flowers.
Let spring come! 

Thursday, February 8, 2018

The Sad Tale of Fort Wayne, Michigan

Inside the city of Detroit is an old military fort along the Detroit River, 
just a mile from the Canadian shore. 

There was never a hostile shot fired from this fort, 
but it is believed it served as a stop on the Underground Railroad. 

 Formerly beautiful brick homes sit inside a star shaped fort. 
Desolate, forgotten and rotting.

 The fort was refurbished in the 1960s
but apparently left to decay once again under the 
care if the city of Detroit. 

If you've seen Detroit, you would understand. 
There isn't enough money to stop the massive decay throughout the city,
let alone an unused fort. 

But there ARE options to save this place.  
An example would be a fort we visited in Hampton Roads, Virginia. 

The similarly beautiful structures of Fort Monroe 
have been refurbished and rented cheaply 
to people willing to maintain their residence. 
It would be nice if this would happen at Fort Wayne. 

Admission to see Fort Wayne is free, 
But I wish they would charge a small fee 
to help with maintenance. 

For more photos of Fort Wayne click here

Fort Wayne 
6053 West Jefferson Avenue

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

A Photowalk on the Campus of Princeton University

I had the pleasure of joining a photowalk 
on the campus of Princeton University. 

Our guide was Roy Matesuk (aka @paledrunkmonk on instagram)
who has been photographing the campus for many years. 

The campus has so many beautiful aspects 
even in the middle of winter.  
There are breathe taking views everywhere - 

like this dome of the Chancellor Green Building. 

I love the old architecture.
So most of my photos are of the old 
and there is plenty of old. 

I just love these old desks, 
although they don't look very comfortable.  
I like that they keep them. 

Here is a modern take on a spiral staircase. 
It's pretty cool, 
but I like the old symmetrical style better.

Inside the chapel, 
the stained glass from the opposite side lights up this wall 
and looks magical. 

A reminder that studying is required... 

followed by some partying. 

You can view all my photos of this and previous visits to Princeton University here
I will continue to share them to instagram (@susburban.girl) also. 

Princeton University 
is located in Princeton, New Jersey.