Friday, January 29, 2021

Cycling the Michael Castle Trail in Delaware

To date...
this is my favorite ride. 

Beginning of the trail. 

it was a beautiful day 
as well. 

Several bridges cross the canal.

Start in the historic 
Delaware City, DE 
located along the 
Delaware River. 
There is parking available. 

Delaware City, DE

Ride to the 
Chesapeake and Delaware Canal Trail 
aka Michael Castle Trail
and pedal 14.8 miles to 
Chesapeake City, MD. 

Have some refreshment near the end point 
in Chesapeake City
at Schaefer's Canal House. 
You can explore the city as well. 
Here is info on that. 

If you are so inclined, 
extend your ride off trail
to Green Point or Emily Point 
or take the bridge over the canal 
and ride Randalla Rd to the tip of the bay. 
Another option is
the trail around Lums Pond. 

Just don't miss the hard right 
on the Canal Trail just after the RR bridge 
where you have 
to work your way to and through 
a marina to get back on the trail. 
(See map below)

The canal activity provides added interest. 

And when you return to Delaware City, 
visiting Ft. Delaware State Park by ferry to 
Pea Patch Island is a great option. 
I've done that visit previously. 
Then you can end your day at Crabby Dick's 
for a well deserved dinner. 

Three sections of the trail.

Also nearby is Ft. Dupont State Park:

For more images of this ride, click here

There is plenty to fill a day in the area.
so have a great day! 


Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Cycling the NW Lancaster River Trail

Located along the Susquehanna River 
on the western edge of Lancaster County 
is a paved multi-use trail. 

View from Koser Park

The trail extends 14 miles 
between the river to the west
and the river towns of 
Falmouth, Bainbridge, Marietta and Columbia
to the east. 

White Cliffs of Conoy

These cute towns are accessible from the trail. 
Look for the signposts that indicate 
the businesses in town. 
Columbia is the largest of the towns and appeared 
to be the busiest ,
so finding parking may be easier at another access point.  
We accessed the trail at Falmouth and rode south to Columbia. 

East Donegal Riverfront Park

Columbia offers a River Park 
as a half-way point destination. 
There are restrooms, tables and seating. 
We packed a lunch and ate at the park. 
Directly across the street is a 
take out stop if you'd rather not pack food. 

As you can see the trail is very scenic.

Chickies Rock Park

Columbia Wrightsville Bridge

Our lunch seats in Columbia.

After cycling we drove to Chickies Rock Overlook 
where we saw the train in the photo below. 

From Chickies Rock Overlook

From there we went to Weaver's Orchard 
and saw the typical Lancaster scenes on the way. 

Lancaster, PA

I highly recommend this ride! 
A good trail, great views, 
interesting towns to ride around...
and can easily do over 30 miles.

Click here to view the full photo gallery
Click here for a downloadable trail map.


Saturday, December 19, 2020

Day Trip to Historic Jamestown

Named after King James I of England, 
Historic 'Jamestowne'
or 'James Cittie'  in Virginia, 
is the first permanent English settlement in North America. 

In spring of 1607 
this location was chosen because 
it was defensible should the Spanish attack. 

The Spanish did not attack 
but the native Powhatan did, 
so the colonists built defensive structures. 
But the bulwarks and artillery 
would not protect them from the disease that followed. 

By the end of 1607 
only 38 of the 104 colonists survive. 
Most were killed by disease.

But not to worry, 
Capt. John Smith returns from England in January 1608
with provisions and 100 more settlers. 

Later in 1608, more follow including women
but the next year will be a brutal one for them 
as food is in very short supply, 
struggles with the Powhatan continue, 
and colonists continue to die from disease. 

Tobacco from Bermuda 
is grown by John Rolfe 
and by 1612 the first crop is exported. 
This becomes Virginia's 
most important cash crop. 

As struggles with the native people continue 
Pocahontas is kidnapped
 from Chief Powhatan in 1613.  

Her father, the chief, 
does not respond to ransom demands 
and Pocahontas marries John Rolfe in 1614. 
They have a son and visit England 
where Pocahontas dies. 
Rolfe returns to Jamestown. 

Somehow, these brave souls 
muddle through their hardships 
and build a viable city. 

Today, you can visit Historic Jamestown. 
The old town contains ruins 
and archeological digs. 
The adjacent new town 
contains additional ruins. 

You can also visit a nearby reconstructed glass house 
demonstrating glassblowing in the 17th century style.
However, the early colonists' attempts to establish glass manufacturing failed. 

 Historic Jamestown is
jointly owned by the 
National Park Service 
and Preservation Virginia. 

$27.50 for adults, $13.50 for ages 6-12.

Artist's Rendition

Historic Jamestown it not the same as Jamestown Settlement. 
Historic Jamestown it the actual Jamestown site. 
Jamestown Settlement is a nearby reconstructed living history museum.