Wednesday, October 16, 2019

RumBunny Rum

Nittany.  I miss him. 

One sad day,
the day my son graduated from Penn State, 
my little pom passed away. 

My son and me at the Nittany Lion at State College. 

Ironic because his name was Nittany, 
after the Penn State mascot, 
the Nittany Lion.

One thing led to another...
and one spontaneous day, 
I bought a bunny. 

(Yes, I should have adopted. 
I had no idea how many adoptable bunnies there were. 
Lesson learned.)

I named him RumBunny.
I litter box trained him and
he lives in the house with us. 
He is VERY sweet 
and soft 
and cuddly. 

RumBunny has his own instagram account. 
At least when I have time to update it for him. 
You can find him at 

Don't have worries
his online photo album is here

I'll tell you his story soon. 

(Yes, I hope to resurrect this blog.) 

Friday, March 22, 2019

NJ Coastal Heritage Trail Delsea Region (Part 1)

A few weeks ago by chance 
I discovered the 
New Jersey Coastal Heritage Trail. 
It's part of the National Park Service. 

I returned to explore the trail beginning in Pennsville NJ. 
Pennsville is located on the NJ side of the
Delaware Memorial Bridge. 
I am heading south on this trip. 

Technically the map says the first stop is Deep Water Point. 
That looks like it is in an industrial area. 
I didn't stop there. 

Along route 49
St Georges Episcopal Church 
marks the right turn onto Church Landing Rd. 

St Georges Episcopal Church, Pennsville, NJ
St George's Episcopal Church, Pennsville, NJ

Church Landing Rd takes you to the Delaware River, 
the Church Landing Farmhouse and Pennsville Historical Society. 
Neither place were opened when I arrived 
and it didn't look like much was there. 

Sol Do Brasil making its way down river. 

Stopping at Riverview Beach Park on N. Broadway 
is a 1/3 mi riverwalk trail, a small lake and a view of the Delaware Memorial Bridge. 
Admission: $0

Riverview Beach Park, Pennsville, NJ

Delaware River View from Riverview Beach Park, Pennsville, NJ
Delaware Memorial Bridge connects PA and NJ

Hugging the river down Enlow Place, 
I found this 6 story tree house.  
I wonder what the neighbors think of it. 

6 Story Treehouse

Riviera Drive to Industrial Park Road

Riviera Drive will give you several parking areas from which to view the river. 

Sol Do Brasil, Delaware River USA
There goes Sol Do Brasil

Industrial Park Road to Fort Mott Road: 

Finnish Settlers crossed the river from Delaware 
and settled in what is known as Finn's Point. 

Finns Point Lighthouse
Finn's Point Lighthouse
Surrounding the Lighthouse is 
Supawna Meadows National Wildlife Refuge. 
Their offices are in the old Lighthouse keeper's dwelling. 
There is a viewing platform off of Lighthouse Road 
just before Refuge Entrance Road. 
Refuge Entrance Road leads to a pond and some structures. 

Fort Mott Road to Fort Mott State Park: 

Fort Mott State Park
Admission: $0
Fort Mott State Park, NJ
Fort Mott State Park, NJ
Fort Mott State Park, NJ
Fort Mott State Park, NJ
Fort Mott State Park, NJ
Fort Mott State Park, NJ
Fort Mott State Park, NJ

From Fort Mott State Park you can see 
Pea Patch Island and Fort Delaware. 

Fort Mott State Park, NJ
Fort Mott to Fort Delaware via Ferry

From here you can take a ferry and tour Fort Delaware
then continue to Delaware City and back to Fort Mott. 
Just be sure to check the ferry schedule.
2019 Prices: Adult: $12.00, Military: $11.00, Senior: $11.00, 
Children - 2 - 12 years: $7.00, Children - under 2 years: $0.00
I highly recommend it. 
My trip to Fort Delaware is here.
Admission: $0

Finn's Point National Cemetery

Over 2000 confederate soldiers 
lost their lives imprisoned at Fort Delaware. 
When you visit there you'll understand why. 
Those soldiers are buried at Finn's Point National Cemetery 
which is entered from Fort Mott.

Finn's Point National Cemetery

Finn's Point National Cemetery

Fort Mott Road to Lighthouse Road to NJ49/S. Broadway to Salem

The Salem Historic District 
has seen better days. 
But the architecture is pretty nice. 

Salem, NJ

Salem, NJ

Salem, NJ

E Broadway to Yorke St./Salem Hancock Bridge Road

My final stop was 
Hancock House Historic Site. 
Admission: $0

Hancock House Historic Site
Site of a massacre during the Revolutionary War. 

There is a historian there Wednesdays-Sundays 
but he might be in the office in a separate building. 
Don't be afraid to ask for a tour. 
He was very knowledgable. 

These visits, including Fort Delaware, 
will take a whole day. 
I started near Point A and ended at E on the map below. 

More images from this trip are here.
Go explore! 

Monday, December 31, 2018

sensory overload

I was not made for Manhattan:

"City Lines"

too tall buildings
too little sun 


too much traffic
too many people

too much trash 
too much noise 

sensory overload

Manhattan is the heart if New York City:

More images from this set here