Sunday, March 26, 2023

I'm in Love....Don't You Love a Good Haul?

I went thrifting in two states over two days 
and here are my favorite finds.

By the way...
if you live near Delaware, 
I just discovered on Wednesdays
age 55+ gets a whopping 30% off
and as usual they have no sales tax.

Pennsylvania's Goodwill 55+ discount 
is 10%.  Boo-hiss.
And we pay sales tax. 

Most items will be coming to my Etsy shop

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Tuesday, March 14, 2023

A Quick Thrift Stop During a Nor'Easter

Throwback Thrift, Willow Grove, PA

Had to drop packages at the post office and it was a yucky day
(at least we missed the snow north of us) so why not thrift a little? THROWBACK THRIFT is a small thrift store located in Willow Grove, PA benefiting animals. Prices are a tad higher than I like and I bought a vintage rolling pin for $10 - yes, I paid to much. But it's for that animals, right? A couple other finds, then time to head home...although I was tempted to hit another store, I just didn't want to wait the 1/2 hour for it to open. Did you see anything I missed or should have checked out?

Saturday, March 4, 2023

When Friends Go Thrifting Great Finds Are Bound to Happen

Thrift with me! I went thrifting with two friends. Best find were the two baskets I ended up least for now. My friend bought that snowboard for $5 and it was perfect for her daughter. And I did get the kids their Valentine Gifts in time for Valentine's Day!

Many of my thrifted finds can be yours from 

Stop by and see what I've found! 

Show and Tell My Personal Blue and White Ironstone Collection

Pretty Pretty From the Thrift Store! Available on Etsy! Vtg Italian Hand Painted Nove Rose

w/cups Vtg Italian Hand Painted Nove Rose
Set of 6! 

These are listed in my Etsy shop
if you would like to make them yours. 

Obviously I didn't pass! 
Too pretty.