Thursday, October 18, 2018

Philly Invaded by....


Yes, Philadelphia has been invaded by Sea Monsters...
(and you thought Lantern Flies were bad!) 

An old warehouse in the Philadelphia Navy Yard 
is their preferred dwelling (Building 611). 
Unfortunately, their location is directly under a flight path 
entering the Philly airport. 

I guess having a convenient food source played 
a role in where they took up residence.
So, if you are flying into Philly anytime soon, 
Good luck and be safe! 

I heard that authorities hope to have eradicated 
these pests by mid-November. 
So if you want to see them, 
you have about a month to get there. 

No worries though, 
security will not let you within reach of the tentacles, 
so you'll be safe. 

The Philadelphia Navy Yard is located at 
4701 Intrepid Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19112

More Sea Monster images here

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Saturday, September 29, 2018

Reflection in the Tulpehocken

Weekend Reflections

The Tulpehocken Creek reflects the old Gring's Mill in Berks County, PA. 

And downstream a heron stands watch. 

Other than being a public park today, 
I can't find much information about the history of the mill except that
 there was a murder/suicide here in 1875. 

That story says a mother and her three children, 
in response to her husband's roving eye, 
jumped into the nearby canal and drowned. 

The water does rush crazy strong through the canal lock.  
It is mesmerizing to watch it flow 
but a heartbreaking story to reflect upon. 

Gring's Mill
is located in Berks County at 
2083 Tulpehocken Rd, Reading, PA 19610

Friday, September 28, 2018

Someone Beat Me to the Parsley

This parsley has been growing next to a butterfly bush all summer. 
It seems, finally, the parsley was noticed 
by someone other than me. 

But I could only find one caterpillar among the parsley leaves. 

Someday he will be a lovely black swallowtail, 

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Remembering 'A Great Store in a Great City': Lit Brothers

"A Great Store in a Great City." 

The Lit Brothers were Samuel and Jacob 
and somehow they seem to get all the credit 
for a clothing store actually started by their sister, 
Rachel P. Lit Weddel Arnold 

Rachel started a woman's clothing store in 1891. 
But the brothers do deserve some credit 
because their vision helped her little corner shop 
become one of the largest retail stores in Philadelphia. 

As her store grew, 
the surrounding buildings were somehow 
cobbled together to create the structure of today. 
The building is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. 

Rachel differentiated herself from the competition 
by trimming hats purchased in her shop at no charge. 
I love that the signage remains, mostly. 


And ghost signs still remain in the city 
but the store is long gone. 
The Lit Brothers chain of stores closed in 1977.

The building sat vacant for nearly a decade 
until it was purchased and repurposed into 
the office and commercial spaces of today. 

Lit Brothers, 1898: “Lit Brothers, Millinery, Cloaks” | Photo: Free Library of Philadelphia Historical Images of Philadelphia Collection

Thankfully the beautiful facade remains, 
except for the hideous (imo) 
large video billboards attached to the roof today 
which are a total misfit with the historic architecture. 
Yuck, I can't even bring myself to post a photo of it. 

The Lit Brothers Building is located at 
8th & Market Streets in Center City, Philadelphia. 

Philadelphia is located in the SE corner of Pennsylvania.