Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Castles Made of Sand
First Place, Solo
What Good Clothes You Wear | David Enguerrand, Belgium
Fourth Place, Doubles
Spirit or Stuff? | Leonardo Ugolini, Italy and Dmitry Klimenko, Russia
Sculptures' Choice
Emotion in Motion | Helena Bangert, Netherlands and Fergus Mulvany, Ireland

Sadly they will melt into the sea. 

Virginia Beach, VA

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  1. Incredible! This made me miss the seashore! : )

  2. they are awesome. i went to your site and looked at all of them and Wow... so much talent used to just melt away. i saw two that i would give first prize to...

  3. Wow, those are incredible! Really amazing works of art.

  4. Wow these are fantastic. It is sad that they are here for such a short period and then washed back into the sea. Thank you for sharing.


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